Intralinks Virtual Data Room

2 min read
June 29, 2021

Intralinks data room is a deal management platform for M&A, alternative investing, and banking projects. Since 1996, Intralinks has catered to global clients who sought a solution for confidential, large-volume data exchange.

Intralinks virtual data room experience is people-driven. The international team communicates in 140 languages and offers tailored guidance from setup to usage. 

Pros and cons of using the Intralinks data room

The Intralinks data room has established itself as a presence in the market. Here is a brief summary of the platform’s pros and cons according to customer reviews:


  • Versatile deployment solutions, including Web, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Zoom integration
  • 24/7/365 multilingual customer support
  • Straightforward large file organization and sharing
  • Enhanced security and user permission features
  • Intuitive user management


  • Outdated, not a user-friendly interface
  • Higher prices as compared to competitors in the same feature-range
  • Variable fee structure that causes discrepancies between the initial budget and the final invoice
  • Guidance-dependent setup process
  • Lack of file organization and sharing restrictions
  • Recurring software bugs

What does the Intralinks data room do best?

Intralinks virtual data room works best for medium and large-scale companies in the banking and securities sector. Some of the product’s most prominent customers are:

  • KPMG
  • Virgin Money
  • Goldman Sachs

Some companies in the healthcare, legal, and technology industries also prefer Intralinks data room to their competition. The platform assists with managing mergers and acquisitions, streamlining due diligence, and filing for IPOs and bankruptcy.

Intralinks data room pricing

According to customer reviews, the Intralinks virtual data room offers monthly subscription pricing — starting at $25 per feature per month. The final invoice depends on the length of usage, the number of users, and the feature set. 
For a customized quote for the Intralinks virtual data room, contact Intralinks.