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real estate data room

Data Room for Real Estate

July 27, 2022

There is no doubt that every business owner in a different sphere would like an operational performance with the brand-new technologies. Today we are going to present the communes information about the real estate business, and possible solutions for making companies progress. Let’s start by making an informed choice...

iDeals virtaul data room
3 min read

iDeals Virtual Data Room

June 29, 2021

iDeals is a powerful cloud-based data room provider that makes it easier to share and collaborate sensitive and business-critical documents. Powered with advanced security and encryption features, iDeals data room is accessible from any browser or mobile device.  Besides, this VDR has proven to be an efficient way to...

2 min read

Intralinks Virtual Data Room

June 29, 2021

Intralinks data room is a deal management platform for M&A, alternative investing, and banking projects. Since 1996, Intralinks has catered to global clients who sought a solution for confidential, large-volume data exchange. Intralinks virtual data room experience is people-driven. The international team communicates in 140 languages and offers tailored...

4 min read

Firmex Virtual Data Room

June 29, 2021

Firmex virtual data room is a Canadian award-winning software provider founded in 2006. Firmex is one of the most popular virtual data rooms with more than 140,000 clients worldwide.  Users note the full package of technical support, such as phone support, knowledge base, detailed FAQ section, email-based support, and...